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Theme Features


VI. Theme Features

Everything on one page. Everything responsive. Everything so modern.

New trend in web design are one-page websites. Usually they are smaller sites, but even complex websites can be built only on a single page. No loading of additional pages and no waiting after each click. When viewing such websites, user actually have feeling he’s using an application loaded in his browser rather than classic web surfing.

How the Theme Works? How to Use It?

First of all, it’s strongly recommended to start with HotStart installation which will copy theme, all plugins and all demo data. Please read documentation PDF for detailed instructions about HotStart installation.

Hot One Page theme loads several WordPress posts. They are differently styled and some of those posts contain widgets inside (slideshow, ligthbox and tabs). The classic widget positions are only on top (logo, menu and big intro image) and bottom (copyright text).

All details that are specific for this theme are explained on WordPress One Page presentation. Please learn more about this theme, how to use it and how to modify it for your needs on this page.

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